Blood Pressure


High blood pressure, or hypertension, is the single most important risk factor for stroke.

Indeed the main reason to treat high blood pressure is in order to prevent stroke. Stroke is a highly preventable condition.

Screening for Hypertension

Screening is important because hypertension very rarely has symptoms. The only way you will know if you have high blood pressure is if you have your blood pressure measured.

This is done routinely whenever you attend for a health check and often during appointments for unrelated problems. 

    High Blood Pressure

    If the GP feels that you have high blood pressure – this may take several visits and may require a 24 hour monitor – you will be prescribed medication. It is so important to take the medication and stop it only on medical advice – never because you ‘feel’ your blood pressure has come down. Sometimes more than one prescription drug is necessary.

    You may be referred to our in-house Cardiologist, Dr Syed Ahsan if the GP feels you need further investigations.

    Lifestyle changes are most important. These include maintaining a healthy weight, keeping to the recommended limit on alcohol (no more than 14 units a week), taking plenty of exercise, and keeping your intake of salt to a minimum.For more information on diabetes, see:

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