Cosmetic Dentistry

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Dentistry is no longer just about a healthy set of teeth. Nowadays having a great looking set of teeth is highly desirable, so more and more people are turning to cosmetic dentistry, or aesthetic dentistry in order to improve their smile.

What Can Cosmetic Dentistry Improve?

Treatments can be chosen or combined for a great many reasons, including:

  • Colour – making the teeth whiter, lighter or more even coloured
  • Evenness – creating a smooth, even smile line
  • Gaps – filling any missing teeth with a natural-looking replacement
  • Crooked teeth
  • Damaged or broken teeth

Many people also experience a significant boost to their well-being; no longer self-conscious, they are happy to smile and radiate confidence!

Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

before and after dental repair

Teeth Whitening

Enlighten™ Centre of Excellence – 98% success rate with Evolution 3

Whitest tooth shade guaranteed, results last years

before and after dental implant + crown

Dental Implants

A long-term solution
to missing teeth

Dental implants that are functional as well as being aesthetically pleasing

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Porcelain Veneers

To improve alignment, close gaps and lighten tooth colour

Strong and beautiful for long lasting changes to your smile

before and after dental bonding

Composite Bonding

To change shape/colour of teeth using white materials

Can repair chips, rebuild worn teeth, close gaps and cover discoloration. 

White Fillings

At The Smart Clinics our experience has told us that the majority of our patients are in favour of amalgam free, tooth coloured fillings. Advances in dentistry have led to improved alternative materials to amalgam, resulting in a more natural smile.

Safety is our main concern when conducting dental amalgam removal. We want, at all times, to keep the exposure to amalgam to a minimum. Therefore we follow a strict protocol.

After amalgam removal we place a white filling, porcelain inlay or crown. This will be discussed with you during the initial consultation.

tooth brushing


Clear, removable braces

Dentistry Payment Scheme

The Smart Clinics now offers a payment/finance scheme for dentistry procedures.

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Before & After Results Photos

Treatments by Dr Manuel Vila at The Smart Clinics, Chelsea

Enlighten Teeth Whitening



General Dentistry

We also offer a full range of general dentistry services including oral health as well as dental repair. Click the button to see before and after photos:

Composites & Repair | Fixed Retainer | Bonding

Patient Feedback

The clinic provides great services and is a pleasant environment. Georgia has been really kind, always helpful, whether it was at the practice or over the phone.

As for the dentist, Dr Vila has been doing an amazing job. His kindness and good mood helped me to feel comfortable whenever I was at the practice. I received the answers to all my questions whenever I needed, which was really helpful.

I am more than happy with the job that has been done. My teeth look so much better than they used to and I am more confident when I smile now. Thank you so much!

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