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What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a cap that resembles the shape of the tooth. It is placed over the tooth to cover it and to restore the shape, size, function, and appearance.

The visible tooth portion is fully encased by the crown once it is cemented in place.

Dental Crown over Implant

When do you need a dental crown?

  • A dental crown is needed in the following situations:
  • To protect the real tooth from breaking. It holds the parts of the cracked tooth together.
  • If the tooth is already broken, the dental crown can help fix it.
  • A tooth with a large filling can be covered and supported by a dental crown.
  • To cover mis-shapen teeth
  • To cover a severely discolored tooth.
  • To hold a dental bridge in place.
  • To cover a dental implant.
  • For cosmetic modification.
  • If a child’s tooth is at high risk for tooth decay, a dental crown can be used to protect it.

Porcelain Teeth Crowns

At The Smart Clinics only provide high quality porcelain crowns, which improve your dental function as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

Your crown is colour matched to precisely the same colour as your natural teeth.

In addition, your dentist will match your porcelain crown to the shape and lustre of your teeth, ensuring it blends in fully with the rest of your mouth. 

Benefits of Porcelain Crown

  • Your dentist will no longer need to remove the tooth structure just to place the crown in place.
  • It helps preserve a healthy tooth structure
  • It is less abrasive as compared with other types of dental crowns.
  • It looks natural as the materials used in a porcelain crown match the colour, shape, and durability of the teeth. It is the secret to a natural and beautiful smile.
  • It helps to restore the function of your tooth, reinforcing a natural bite and improving your smile.
  • It looks like a real tooth and is highly durable too. Hence, your mouth can be back to its natural state.
  • It will feel natural. It will be difficult for others to tell that your tooth is porcelain because it looks and feels natural. Porcelain crowns match the contour of your mouth and teeth.

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Membership Benefits:

Our dental members benefit from:

  • 2 Dental examinations a year (including X-rays when necessary)
  • 2 Dental hygiene appointments during the year
  • 20% off all dental treatments

Dental membership costs £40 a month or just £30 when taken in an addition to standard medical membership of The Smart Clinics.

Referrals Welcome

Our team of dental experts welcome referrals from other professionals for implantology and periodontics. We work closely with dentists across London.

We offer a full range of treatments with specialist cosmetic dentists, including veneers, tooth whitening and white fillings for a smile to be proud of. 


We offer an extensive range of braces at our London Orthodontic Centre, including clear removable aligners and discrete fixed braces that are invisible in wear.

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