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Replenish Your Youth

Smart Life is an innovative life changing personal medicine program, based on proven scientific preventative medicine.

It is a proactive, preventative approach to healthcare which aims to enhance quality of life and life expectancy by slowing the natural degeneration process which occurs with age.

Smart Life is personalised to each individual client’s requirements and works on the principle of preventative medicine based on sophisticated scientific information including DNA, hormone and blood analysis. This detailed insight allows us to look at how best to maintain and repair the body in order to facilitate a longer and more active lifestyle.

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Benefits of Smart Life

  1. Improved body composition and lower body fat
  2. Maintaining a healthy body weight
  3. Improved cognitive performance
  4. Maintaining bone density and strength
  5. Improved sleep
  6. Increased libido and performance
  7. Improvement in control of existing age-related illnesses
  8. Maintaining healthy brain function
  9. Increased energy and decreased fatigue
  10. Increased overall feeling of well-being – feel better!
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Smart Life Science & Diagnostics

  • Comprehensive Labs:
    • Extensive lab panel measures optimal vs “normal” for a broad range of health indicators.
  • Carotid Artery:
    • Detects risk of heart attack or stroke by measuring plaque and thickness of the artery wall. Heart disease causes 4x the mortality of cancer and 50% of those with a heart event were rated “low risk” by traditional medicine.
  • DEXA Scan:
    • Precise measurement of body composition & bone mineral density. This powerful tool is used to measure exact progress whilst on the Smart Life program over time.
  • VO2 Max Test:
    • Measures volume of oxygen consumed to identify optimal exercise ranges for maximum cardio health benefit and weight loss in time efficient work-out.
  • Muscular Endurance Strength & Flexibility Assessment:
    • Assesses current fitness levels to aid in personalised exercise prescriptions.
  • Neurocognitive Assessment:
    • Evaluates memory, processing speed, executive cognition and other essential brain functions as we age.
  • Comprehensive Exercise & Nutrition Assessment:
    • An in-depth assessment of current practices which taken together with all other testing creates fully customised nutritional and exercise plans to achieve optimal health within the demands of your lifestyle.

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